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About us

Since 25 years Dr. Fooke Laboratories are dedicated to developing, producing and distributing modern and innovative tests for in-vitro allergy and autoimmune diagnostics. Advanced in-vitro allergy and autoimmune test systems are the result of our developments leading to a product line that offers almost every user a custom tailored solution exactly matching his needs.

As a middle-sized company, we are still free to respond fast, flexibly and individually to you, our customer. We stay at your service, ready to answer any technical or theoretical question concerning immunology, allergy and autoimmune diagnosis and develop new concepts and solutions together with you. Because by giving you this best imaginable service we also gain your practical and precious inputs to stimulate our R & D work. Our customers are more to us than merely customers, and we want to be much more than just a supplier to you!

Our team of highly qualified professionals such as biologists, bioengineers and medical device consultants take care of the continuous advancement and optimization of our product range and are available for any questions.
Whether it concerns a product demonstration in your lab, practical or theoretical question, we are there for you.

What do you expect from modern allergy diagnostics?
Reliable measurement of specific IgE with clinical relevance!
Our ALLERG-O-LIQ-System - as a reversed assay – determines reliably and quantitatively with high sensitivity just simply allergen specific IgE. With our rapid test ALFA - Allergy Lateral Flow Assay – we offer you a 15-20 minute first line screening test for allergen specific IgE or Total IgE. With the addition of recombinant allergens more detailed information about sensitization patterns and treatment concepts of patients can be provided.

What is essential for excellent autoimmune diagnostics?
The selection of the best antigens dictates the quality!
The combination of synthetic peptides of the latest generation and the best recombinant antigens as well as an intelligent test design guarantees highest reliability and precision for the diagnostics. Our rapid tests AI-LFAs - Autoimmune Lateral Flow Assays – enables the user to perform a specific autoimmune test very fast and reliable.

We believe that a product is only as good as its practicability.
You are the benchmark. We targeted our product development on your requirements, demands and perceptions. That is why our allergy and autoimmune tests fit so easily into your everyday work routines. Our solutions are as individual as your expectations.

We have an open system, open ears and an open mind for you!